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Pacemaker Steel & Piping offers a variety of services that can handle the majority of your pre-production needs.  From the simplest cut to the most complex "kit packages".  We have the equipment and experienced technicians to handle the job.

KOIKE ARONSON Plate Pro Extreme Model 2500 with 8' x 40' table

Metlsaw Aluminum Plate Saw

Large capacity material 10" thick X 12ft Long.

Multiple Auto Indexing Do-All Vertical Band Saws

Multiple Auto Indexing Marvel Vertical Band Saws

Mutiple Auto Indexing Do-All Hoizontal Band Saws

Multiple Auto Indexing Hyd-Mech Horizontal Band Saws.

V18APC that can process up to 18" Square material and 40" Material Feed Stroke.

These saws can also miter cut up to 45degrees in either direction.

Multiple Cincinatti Shears with 1/4 "  thickness  and 13' width capacities. 

Multiple Cincinatti Shears with 1/4" thickness and 8' width capacities.

LVD Shear with 1/2" thickness and 13' width capacities

Bug-O-Matic Flame Cutter to handle plate up to two inches thick.

Multiple Stone Aluminum Cut-off Saws

Multiple Iron Workers

Pacemaker Steel & Piping can handle all of your custom cutting requirements. Sheet , plate, aluminum, stainless, structural steel and pipe.  Ask your Sales representative to quote your next cutting requirements. 

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